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Rebeka Garcia Cook

Townsend Certified Coach

Sustained outcomes for leaders and the systems they impact.

I help leaders:

  • Formulate, articulate and implement a strategic vision.

  • Maximize strengths to meet the demands of their role.

  • Motivate and energize the systems they lead.

  • Work in a state of flow on a regular basis.

  • Understand and deal effectively with others’ perspectives.

  • Inspire deep trust and commitment in those they lead.

  • Adopt behaviors that convey a confident executive presence.

  • Live sustainable, significant and enjoyable lives.


It can be different. What are you willing to change in order to reach your desired future?

“Rebeka has a calming presence even in high pressure situations.”

Jacqueline V.



I help established executives, emerging leaders and entrepreneurs develop the depth and breadth of character needed to transform critical challenges to strategic advantages. Through my coaching sessions, leaders learn to align their energy with their vision, build resiliency, develop executive presence, optimize their team, and more.


Based on the latest research and best practices in business and education, my training workshops catalyze change within organizations. Topics include team culture, vision casting, emotional intelligence, giving/receiving feedback, and more.


Sometimes organizations need an outside expert to achieve the change they’re looking for. I work with teams, boards and other systems to conduct research, implement and interpret assessments, and formulate solutions to move the organization forward.

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