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About Rebeka Cook

Guided by my background in research and public health, I take a wholistic, evidence-based approach to change and growth.


I’ve been helping people and communities reach their potential for my entire career. I’ve done it previously through my public health training and work as an epidemiologist (doctoral level) and as a behavioral scientist (master’s level).


As a coach, my clients are established executives, emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, and community leaders who want to reach their full potential and live in the fullness of life.


My goal is to help my clients grow wholistically and sustainably. Each of my clients is deeply connected to various systems (their work, families, communities, and society at large), and my passion is enabling them to flourish across all their systems.

As an epidemiologist and behavioral scientist, I’ve been involved in research (published multiple times in academic journals) but I gravitate towards practical application. I take an evidence-based approach to how I work with each client. I am also a skilled and experienced teacher – I’ve created and taught curriculum to multiple age groups in multiple settings. I’ve been involved in leadership development cross-culturally and internationally. I’ve started and created my own businesses, as well as worked in business from a young age. All of this experience enables me to help my clients and their systems flourish.

I look forward to taking you where you want to go: together we will get there faster and sustainably.


More about me


I am a wife. In our marriage there are ups and downs, and we are constantly learning, forgiving and growing together.

I am a mother of three elementary-aged children. They are wonderful . . . and challenging. I love them dearly.

I am a sister with three siblings scattered around the globe. This means I am also an aunt and a sister-in-law. I am a daughter and daughter-in-law too. I treasure my family and extended family – they are some of the neatest people in this world – but sometimes our relationships are also distant or complex.

I am a friend and neighbor. Some friends live close by, some are miles away, but each friend is irreplaceable. They often gently point out my strengths when I forget them – and the areas where I need to grow when I forget those too!

I am a lover of the outdoors – whether it’s hiking, biking or running, I enjoy movement and being in nature. I play the French horn, mostly for myself, and it brings me joy. I coach my daughter's softball team, which means sun-kissed afternoons filled with extra patience and laughter! My favorite color is red and I find the scent of vanilla heavenly. I despise dishes followed closely by laundry.

I am a child of God – imperfect yet still precious.

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