Why Green Boat?

What I do

I help people – and the systems they are a part of – reach their full potential.

Why I do it

People matter.

Each person is a unique creation with so much potential to impact the world. I delight in getting to know people, and I bring this sense of wonder and delight into my coaching. I am for my clients, and I desire to bring life their passions and dreams. I honor the path my clients are on and draw out the fullness of who they are meant to be.

People are connected.

Their work life, their personal life, their emotions, their physical and mental wellness, their relationships, their passions, and their spirituality are all interwoven to create the person that they are. The more aware and intentional a person is about growing these parts of themselves the more likely they are to flourish. Each person is a part of an interconnected web of systems that they impact and are impacted by. So as a person makes changes in one area, I help them keep in mind what that means for the things they value in other areas. While my main focus is on business outcomes, I coach my clients wholistically, considering all these components to ensure the whole person and the systems they impact flourish.

People can change.

I believe people have the potential to change the things that matter to them. This change can come in the form of creating something new, transforming what exists or a combination of the two. I am an expert in change and I couple that expertise with a person’s desire and passion for change. I say the hard things, and I hold space for the discomforts that change brings. Clients can be fully seen and still accepted by me. I guide the change process – I catalyze the speed at which it occurs while being mindful that true sustainable change takes time. My client determines what they are ready to change and how they will change it.

My approach

I’m a certified executive coach through the Townsend Institute. I coach based on Dr. John Townsend’s Character and Competency growth model, emotional intelligence research and behavioral change theory.

Dr. Townsend’s model develops a person’s competencies and their character as a means to create the outcomes desired. The results are wholistic, sustained outcomes in all the systems a person is a part of.

As an executive coach, I utilize emotional intelligence research to consciously bringing behaviors out of the lower brain and automatic responses into the upper brain so that a client can determine their actions in a way that is intentional, in line with their values and creates their desired future.


I utilize behavioral change theory for individuals to support their desired change. This social science has a vast research base to support the change process.


Why Green Boat?

Green Boat is an inspirational name recognizing that my clients are looking to journey somewhere different from where they are. It’s a destination and a journey. The voyage includes growth and transformation that is suggested by the word green. The passage can be stormy; it can be rough. With the right partner, planning and patience, the destination is achievable. With Green Boat, you will be able to accelerate the journey and arrive at your unique destination.