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Simple and Clear: Back to School Decision Making Workshop

Solve their most pressing problem so they can continue to solve yours!

60-minute virtual workshop for businesses to offer their employees to consider and clarify implications of the back-to-school decision on their family. This single decision will impact your company and employees the most in the 9 months ahead.

Group Coaching Workshop Overview

As the fall 2020 school term rapidly approaches, parents and guardians are wrestling with how to meet their children’s social, cognitive and emotional needs AND keep them physically safe in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The uncertainty, rapidly changing situation, barrage of confusing information, high stakes of their children’s health and wellness, family economic impacts, and the looming deadline combine to create an overwhelming situation.

This question dominates a parent's thinking and prevents them from bringing their full-self to work. This critical decision hijacks the highest levels of your employees thinking capacity so it is not available to you; being unsure of the decision now, will lead to their loss of function for you for the next nine months. In addition, their schooling choices will have a direct impact on your business's ability to function if exposure leads to a prolonged household quarantine.

This workshop will guide parents and guardians through a process to bring clarity and simplicity to the topic so that they can make their unique, optimal fall schooling decisions with confidence specific to their family trusting they have considered the situation from many perspectives.

By offering this workshop: You solve their most pressing problem so they can continue to solve yours.

Workshop Deliverables Include:


  • One pre-event call to ensure presentation fit for audience

  • Tailored workshop to audience and industry 

  • Downloadable workshop slides and resource list (PDF)  

Presentation Delivery

  • Deliver a  60-minute live, interactive workshop for your audience.

  • Simple, clear and accurate information sources identified and accessed.

  • Practical tools to simplify the decision making process.

  • Excellent audience interaction.  


  • Recorded video that the organization owns and may distribute internally

  • Session slides and resource list the organization may distribute

  • 1-hr leadership coaching call to explore the epidemic specific to the business

  • Custom 10-day follow-up video for attendees to further build resilience

At the end of the workshop, parents and guardians will be able to:

  • Broadly understand the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact on in-person school settings.

  • Access and understand public health resources for Covid-19 school re-opening and decision making.

  • Understand disease severity and transmission dynamics of Covid-19 in various age groups and in the community.Identify and mitigate their own risk situation for the disease and risks associated with various educational options. 

  • Understand developmental needs of school age groups and how various learning models can meet those needs.

  • Build resilience as audience members learn they can navigate this difficult situation.

  • Make decisions for a realistic and unique Fall 2020 education plan with confidence and clarity.

Simple and Clear: Tailored Presentation

Up to 25 households = $5,000 as low as $200 per household

UP to 100 households = $10,000 as low as $100 per household

Single household = $300 per household

Session times are limited, contact Rebeka today to book your company's spot!

Download informational PDF below:

Back to School Workshop
Download PDF • 1.61MB

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