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Sharing my story

Updated: May 20, 2020

I specialize in helping executives, emerging leaders and entrepreneurs develop depth and breath of character to transform critical challenges into strategic advantages. I leverage my public health background to facilitate whole person and whole system change to benefit organizational outcomes.

My dream to move into executive coaching was born 9 years ago, shortly after the birth of my second child.  Just prior to her birth, I felt called to stay home and invest in my family.  Being cognizant of the impact of a career gap, I strategically worked with a coach to ensure my skills would stay refined in the period I was out of the traditional workforce.  Together we developed a plan to ensure I stayed connected, up to date, and involved in my field of expertise, Public Health. I left the traditional work force when my daughter was 8 months old with a plan in hand to offer Public Health consulting services to not-for-profit organizations, serve on wellness leadership teams, and collaborate with groups looking to enhance the health of their population.  My current resume is robust as a result of this foresight.

While working with a coach, I recognized the similarities of “potential development” that existed between coaching and public health.  I became aware of how my own public health consulting philosophy of practice had a strong coaching edge: I am an expert in Epidemiology and population behavioral change but I also deeply respected and valued the people’s expertise in themselves, their community/organization, and how they wanted to change.  My consulting already had a coaching component- my own work with a coach just enhanced it.

About a year into this new life of staying home and consulting, I was working with a COO on a project. In a private conversation she began to talk about some change she desired, I began to informally coach her in the conversation. She quickly recognized the breakthrough she was experiencing and asked to be coached; we set up a time to formally work together.  The coaching was transformational for her and for her community… and for me.  I saw in coaching a place where I could help systems reach their potential by focusing on, drawing out and enhancing the capacity of organizational leaders- my passion for coaching grew.

Coaching is unregulated. There is no formal training mandated and I toyed with the idea of simply declaring myself a coach -which is common- and take clients.  However my own standards of excellence dictated a higher level of competence.  I researched the field and a strong model for growth and leadership development was clarified for me that built on my public health education.  I found a program that matched and could enhance that philosophy in the Townsend Institute.

Before me was a business decision- it was quickly recognized- having grown up with entrepreneurial parents, being involved in business from a young age, and owning my own businesses.  As I considered moving back into the workforce full time I asked myself: Would it be in a traditional role? in the not-for-profit sector? in public health? would I formalize and expand my consulting? would I retool and move into coaching?

I took the LaunchU class spring of 2018 to determine if a business expansion beyond consulting was feasible. I wrote the business plan in class, determining the extra graduate education (in addition to a master’s and doctoral work) was a solid investment for me and for my potential clients.  I became an Advanced Professional Certified Executive Coach through the Townsend Institute to hone my coaching skills to support the organizational change I wanted to facilitate through business leaders.

A year after the LaunchU class I started Green Boat Executive Coaching and Consulting to provide an umbrella for the three services I offer: Executive Coaching, Training, and Consulting.

Coaching leaders for sustained system outcomes is my favorite- and I am good at it!

Thank you to LaunchU for providing me with the clarity I needed to move forward and launch my business.

You can help too!

I am looking for leaders who want something different than what they are currently experiencing and are ready to intentionally make changes to achieve it. This could be a business owner, executive or C-suite leader. Female executives and leaders of organizations with an international presence are especially interesting to me. If you know someone like those above, please pass my name on:  Coaching can occur in person or online, so location is not an issue.

It can be different.

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