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Executive Coaching

I specialize in coaching female executives and other directors of organizations to strengthen their executive presence and draw out their full potential. I help leaders discover and articulate their vision for themselves and their organization and strategize the process to get there. My clients gain the confidence of those they lead. My coaching accelerates organizational change and is sustainable by the executive. I am a sounding board for those in the C-suite as they consider new horizons; I ask the questions that open up possibilities and hold space for what will be. I intentionally build agility and resiliency in those I coach.


To accelerate sustainable organizational change by the executive.

Coaching for Leadership Development

To help emerging leaders reach their potential. 

I partner with companies that want to fortify and invigorate their organization through leadership development. Using emotional intelligence research, I coach emerging leaders and high-potential employees in self-awareness and self-mastery so that they can reach their potential as well as effectively draw out the talents and passions of those they lead.

Transnational Coaching

To optimize leadership effectiveness across cultures.

I coach organizational leaders who work transnationally to reach desired outcomes. I am culturally aware and help optimize leadership transitions and effectiveness across cultures. I also work with expats, stateside and internationally, as they transition into new roles and work with the unfamiliar. I coach in English.

“I cherish the opportunities I have to sit down with Rebeka to discuss big-picture planning as well as details of implementation. As Rebeka listens to me and asks clarifying questions, I find that she has effectively led me in exploring the path to the heart of the vision I was seeking and trying to discover how to verbalize. Her inclination towards action encourages me in taking the follow-up steps needed to make the vision a reality.” Iantha S., transnational leader

Coaching for Entrepreneurs and Creatives

To maintain an enduring enthusiasm and passion for the dream.

I coach entrepreneurs and other courageous creators to ensure the energy they are investing matches their vision. I coach these innovators for wholistic, sustainable outcomes in all of the systems that are important to them. As natural risk-takers, these clients inevitably face highs and lows throughout their adventure. I work alongside them to realistically consider the roads ahead and thoughtfully choose a course forward. This coaching focuses on learning resilience, perseverance, and maintaining an enduring enthusiasm and passion for the dream.


Liminal Coaching 

To bring the leader to the space of “not yet conceived, but it could be.”

All of my coaching has elements of liminality. Liminal coaching calls forth a capacity for relentless change. It brings the leader to the space of “not yet conceivable, but it could be.” It opens up the self to be curious, to learn and to question what is. Liminal coaching allows space for agility, for risk-taking and for movement. It is both an uncomfortable and exciting place that tests the limits of possibility and delivers personal satisfaction for the coachee and results for the systems they lead.



My training workshops are tailored to your needs and based on the most recent research and best practices in business and education. Participants experience seminars as practical and interactive. And while the laughter is robust, information also motivates attendees and catalyzes change.

Workshop topics include:

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Organizational Culture/Team Dynamics

  • Personal Mastery and Wholeness/Human Flourishing

  • Boundaries for Leaders

  • Resilience

  • Vision Casting and Change/How People Change

  • Relationship Nutrients 

  • Dealing with tough People/Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback


“Working with Rebeka Cook is fun and educationally stimulating. You won't realize how hard you are working because the processes she develops and outcomes achieved are so positive.  She brings the "magic dust" to any learning adventure, from the simple to the complex! – Sallie A.




Sometimes, leaders and organizations need an outside expert to help them reach their desired future. In addition to coaching individuals, I also work with boards, teams and other systems to help them reach their goals.

My diverse background in research, leadership, systems thinking, epidemiology, education, and behavioral change lends itself to a variety of consulting projects. The basic format of my consulting is “Assess, Plan, Act, and Account.” I work hard to ensure each solution fits the organization and has buy in from all constituents. Let’s talk about what your needs are and how they can be met.

“Rebeka provided critical insight and helpful direction for our project, while at the same time encouraging and building us up. She steered us away from potential errors and oversights and all the while was positive and affirming of our strengths.”
– Ryan C.

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